Townsend R.M., Zhorin V.V., "Spatial Competition among Financial Service Providers and Optimal Contract Design." Working Paper, December 2014

We present a contract-based model of industrial organization that allows us to consider in a unified way both different information frictions (moral hazard, adverse selection, both) and a variety of market structures (monopoly, imperfect competition, various strategic interactions). We show how this method can be applied to the spread of the banking industry in emerging market countries, emphasizing observed transitions, namely the geographic locations of branches. Local collusive monopoly organizations and Bertrand-like competitive environments in location and utility space are considered alongside with frictions affecting the outcome, namely provincial spatial costs and the information structure. Mixed environments with fully informed local incumbents and entrants facing adverse selection are analyzed. Our larger goal, beyond calibrated numerical examples, is to develop a framework with an operational toolkit for empirical work.

Moll B., Townsend R.M., Zhorin V.V., "Economic Development, Flow of Funds and the Equilibrium Interaction of Financial Frictions."2016

We use a variety of different data sets from Thailand to study not only the extremes of micro and macro variables but also within-country flow of funds and labor migration. We develop a general equilibrium model that encompasses regional variation in the type of financial friction and calibrate it to measured variation in regional aggregates. The model predicts substantial capital and labor flows from rural to urban areas even though these differ only in the underlying financial regime. Predictions for micro variables not used directly provide a model validation. Finally we estimate the impact of a policy counterfactual, regional isolationism.


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